Sketchup Modeling Services Cape Town South Africa

For architects and designers, the ability to see and present the final product in 3D representation makes a major difference when pitching to prospective clients and investors. At Modo Group we use the very latest 3D CAD software and techniques to bring your plans to life, and can help you present full photo-realistic architectural renderings that you can alter and tinker with until you are happy with your design. With a full service in sketchup modelling, you can rely on the expert team at Modo Group to provide you with a quality service that is fully comprehensive.

We can also undertake visual impact assessments, essential for planning and environmental concerns. By taking detailed photographs of the planned building area, and super-imposing your 3D design onto those, you can show the interested parties the impact the planned development will have in photographic detail, enabling all involved to understand how the new buildings will impact on those already in existence.

We also have a full service providing marketing materials, including brochures, pamphlets and billboards, and our expertise in sketchup services means we take an interest in all aspects of the design of the planned development. We can assist with all manner of building design, including commercial properties; for the latter, we are specialists in creating bespoke 3D interior representations, and our portfolio includes everything from housing estates to interiors for individual houses.

With affordable rates, great service and a wealth of expertise, we provide the best sketchup modelling services Cape Town South Africa has to offer.